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  • Accounting for money at total bills.

    By splitting and paying the bill, just make an entry about it.

    The debt of all participants will remain in the group. Netting spent / received money within the group.

  • Il'Conto will take care that no one remains in the red.

    Reminds you to return the money, even if it is a very small sum.
    Deftly manage and track your total expenses in any currency.

  • Relieve your attention.

    You don't have to remember who owes you money. It remembers Il'Conto.

  • Easy and fast the inputing of the new entry.

    With or without the Internet.

    Automatically synchronization entries of all participants when connecting to the Internet

Il-Conto - Accounting for money at total bills
  • Unlimited full-featured web version

    Quick and easy.
    Unlimited number of entries, groups, and participants.

  • The handy mobile app

    Downlоand the phone app:

  • Il-Conto in the Apple App Store Il-Conto Google Play
Full-featured web version and mobile appl of Il-Conto
Why Il'Conto?

There was the problem.

When paying the joint bills with friends, I had to remember who how much owed me or who I owed.

It is especially difficult when traveling with friends, where such calculations are common . On the third day, the brain boils up from memorizing numbers and other nonsense.

At first, I tried all this doing in Excel, but it turned out to be inconvenient.

The Idea was born in 2012 year: “Il'Conto”.

Il'Conto - Accounting for money at total bills
I wanted to solve such problems:

- As transparent and quickly as possible and easily record any movement of money in any currency. So that each participant of the group can see all of their income and expenses.

- I don't like to remind my friends of their debts. It's important that Il'Conto systematically do this for me until the debt is paid off.

- At the same time, everything works without the Internet in trips and synchronizes later when connected to the Internet.

I think we have created a very convenient system.

Use with pleasure =)

Yours, Igor Yazev, author of project.
Il'Conto - Accounting for money at total bills