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Application for accounting group expenses on trips, receipt recognition from cafes and not only

Was a problem

When paying the joint bills with friends, I had to remember who how much owed me or who I owed

It is especially difficult when traveling with friends, where such calculations occur massively. On the third day, the brain boils up from memorizing numbers and other nonsense.

In restaurants, someone ate a salad, and someone a steak with wine... At the same time, there are 10 of us. Calculating who should pay how much is a big problem, it's not fair to share equally.

All groups
are convenient and at hand
Style each group
Control your balance
and your friends' balances
Don't worry about
you borrowing money someone.
Il'Conto will remember
and notify the debtor
Create a deal
in 12 seconds
Comments on transactions.
Arbitrary amounts for
participants. All currencies.
All transactions are visible on the map
Look through the places
of transactions on the map.

I wanted to solve such problems:

- It is as transparent, quick and easy as possible to record any movements of money in any currency. So that each member of the group can see all their income and expenses.

- Very quickly distribute individual and shared dishes from the restaurant to the participants

- I don't like to remind my friends about their debts. It is important that Il'Conto systematically does this for me until the debt is repaid.

- At the same time, so that everything works without the Internet when traveling and synced later when connected to the Internet.

We have managed everything, and added a lot more convenient functions.

In my opinion, we have created a very handy system. Use it with pleasure =)

Игорь ЯзевYours, Igor Yazev,
the author of the project.

Recognition of receipts from cafes

and the distribution of amounts to participants in 30 seconds

Quick adding of new members

By phone, E-mail or just by name.
Access to the group by code or QR

Mutual settlements

After the trip, it is easy to understand who to whom should transfer money for the final settlement
everyone it is clear who to whom and how much owes in the end
It is clear the formation of the final amount
It is easy to transfer the balance, for example, from wife to husband

The reports will help you see the movement of money

Amounts received/spent by each participant
Personal report

All world currencies

Short lists
of current currencies groups
In each group, set your exchange rate of currencies.
Choose your national currency


Notifications about debt to debtors.

Add photos and comments to the deals

A report on the movement of each participant's money. Export to a file.

Transactions can be created without the Internet.



-Traveling with friends, colleagues, family
- Trips to restaurants with a large company
-event organization
- The trip of your employees on a business trip
-Loans between friends

With Il'CONTO you will get rid of stress and will be able to enjoy time with friends, family, colleagues.

With Il’Conto call it even.